Administering the LMS

Each company within the LMS gets an administrator role that can access the admin section of the application. Admins can do everything any of the lesser-roles can - author, train, and manage teams to name a few.

User Management

As an admin, you can create, edit, and delete users from the admin section. Clicking on the menu and selecting “Admin”, you will land in the user management section by default. Here you will see a list of all users. If there is a large quantity of users, you will see the paging navigation at the bottom of the user list.

On this main user screen, you can see three options to make bulk user changes.

Import Users

To import a bulk list of users select the “Import Users” option. This will prompt you for a file. We accept pipe delimited data. You will need to format your data a very specific way. Read the documentation on importing for more information.

Importing the file can take some time, especially a large feed of new users. This is the easiest way to get lots of users into the system with a little bit of preparation on your end.

Zone Completion

Zone completion is the ability to tell the LMS a user has completed a zone. Remember, Zones are courses within our system.

You may want to mark zones as complete for certain users. Think about if an employee has already completed a course called “Manager Training” in a previous LMS, or in a real-life classroom before you transitioned to Fathom – you would want to tell us she has completed that Zone.

To achieve this, you can do this manually on each user by editing the user and checking the box next to the Zone name under the heading “completion”. You can also do bulk updating of Zone completion using the “Import Zone Completion” link on the main users screen. This behaves similarly to the bulk import users feature. Read the documentation on Zone Completion.

Zone Assignment

Just like importing users and setting course completion, you can assign Zones individually in the edit user screens, or en masse using the “Import Zone Assignment” feature on the main user management screen.

To bulk assign zones, you will need to prepare another pipe-delimited file which matches user ids, or departments to zone ids. Read the documentation on Zone Assignment.

Role Mapping

To assign roles automatically, you can upload a pipe-delimeted file matching a unique job ID from your HR system to a role name. This is a case sensitive name.

job_number role_name
S719273 Author
S719274 Trainee

Managing Achievements

The Achievement system is not fully implemented in the Progress API as of yet, but you as an admin can create achievements that completing a module can unlock. Achievements take one image, and a name. Once a user completes a module that has an achievement assigned to it, the theme developer will have the option of displaying the corresponding achievement in the achievement UI. This is an important upcoming feature in 2015.

Zone Import

Currently, a team of designers and developers can create zones outside of the system using a series of markdown files and liquid templates. When complete, the zones folder can be imported and Fathom will recreate the enclosed zone structures in the system. This makes it easy to get content from prototype to production quickly.

In the future, zones will be able to import SCORM version 1.2 archives.